MIL-DTL-83538 Connectors And Accessories, Electrical, Circular, Umbilical, Environment Resistant, Removable Crimp Contacts For Mil-Std-1760 Applications \(Metric\), General Specification ForThis specification covers connectors and accessories, electrical, circular, umbilical. The connector assembly provides the necessary connections required to meet MIL-STD-1760, class I electrical interface between stores and their associated launchers using a "blind mating" mechanism. The connector assembly consists of a receptacle installed on the launcher, a receptacle installed on the store, and a buffer plug installed between the two receptacles. This specification also includes the required mounting adapters and nut, accessory adapter, cable bushing, and protective covers \(see 6.1 for details on intended use and application\). The connectors covered by this specification are intended for use with launcher mechanisms with an applied holding force in the range 271 Newtons \(61 lbs\) to 427 Newton \(96 lbs\).